Technical Material Technical drug


1.        Common name: TEBUTHIURON
2.        Attribute: Sulfonylurea herbicides
3.        Features: It has a wide range of herbicidal spectrum, high herbicidal activity, long lasting effect, and can be used flexibly all year round
4.        Suitable crops: Barley, wheat, cotton, sugarcane field, non cultivated land
5.        Control object:Plutella xylostella, Pieris rapae, Spodoptera exigua, Spodoptera litura, Pieris rapae, leafminer, thrips and other vegetable pests.
6.        Mechanism of action: through root absorption. Then it is transmitted to the stems and leaves to inhibit photosynthesis.


1.        Common name: GLUFOSINATE-AMMONIUM

2.        Specifications: 95%TC 

3.        Attribute: Organophosphorus herbicide

4.        Features: This product belongs to Organophosphorus herbicide. It is a glutamine synthesis inhibitor, broad-spectrum contact, inactivation, non-residual herbicide, can kill more than 100 species of grass and broad-leaved weeds quickly.

5.        Suitable crops: Orchard, vineyard, non cultivated land

6.        Control object: Annual, perennial and gramineous weedsApplication method: because of its excellent internal absorption, it is especially suitable for seed treatment and granule application. In general, 3-10 grams of effective ingredients, spray or seed mixed with water.

7.        Application: directional spray of weeds and stems and leaves