Technical Material Technical drug


1.   Common name: PROTHIOCONAZOLE

2.   Attribute: New broad spectrum triazolothione fungicides

3.   Features: It has good inhibitive activity, excellent protective, therapeutic and eradication activities, and has a long effective period. Compared with triazole fungicides, propionazole has a wider spectrum of fungicidal activity.

4.   Suitable crops: It is mainly used to control Cereals, wheat and legumes

5.   Control object: Wheat and barley powdery mildew, sheath blight, Fusarium wilt, leaf spot, rust, Sclerotinia sclerotiorum, Cercospora striata, and main leaf diseases, such as gray mold, black spot, brown spot, black shank, Sclerotinia and rust.


1.   Common name: picoxystrobin

2.   Attribute: Methoxyacrylate fungicides

3.   Features: Mitochondrial respiratory inhibitor, Methoxyacrylate fungicide is a kind of low toxicity, high efficiency, broad-spectrum, internal absorption bactericide. It has no cross resistance with the fungicides currently used in the domestic market. It is another potential pesticide variety after triazole fungicides in the world pesticide field. Due to the inhibitive and fumigant activity of oxystrobin, the effective components can be effectively distributed and fully transferred after application.

4.   Suitable crops: Wheat such as wheat, barley, rye and oats

5.   Control object: Broad spectrum and inhaling insecticide. It is mainly used to control wheat leaf diseases such as leaf blight, leaf rust, glume blight, brown spot and powdery mildew. Compared with strobilurin fungicides, strobilurin fungicides were more effective in the treatment of wheat leaf blight, net leaf spot and moire


1.        Common name: PYRACLOSTROBIN

2.        Specification: 97.5% TC

3.        Attribute: Methoxyacrylate fungicides

4.        Features: It inhibits mitochondrial respiration by blocking the electron transfer between cytochrome b and C1, which makes mitochondria unable to produce and provide energy needed for normal cell metabolism, and eventually leads to cell death

5.        Suitable crops: Cereals, soybeans, vegetables, fruits, etc

6.        Control object:Cucumber powdery mildew, downy mildew; banana scab, leaf spot; cabbage, mango, tea anthracnose; banana anthracnose

7.        Usage: Spray